Pictured here is my wife Michelle and Myself

About Me

The history of my web development starts back in College at PSU. toward the end of my college years, 1991-1993, I started messing around with HTML coding. Web development back then was time consuming and a bit frustrating, but being a computer programmer i enjoyed the html coding of it all. And really developed my skills in writing pure HTML code. Ove the years I have used many different types of Web Design applications, from Frontpage, to Dreamweaver (which i currently like the most) but even using these applications to develop the web sites helps I still enjoy going behind the scenes and working with the raw HTML code. Some times i find it easier to manipulate the code directly then attempting to make the application do what you want.

The web sites that I have designed and manitain, I do so for my own personal enjoyment. The Road Knights MC - A friend was a member there and they offered me the position of being the web master for their site. The Masonic Lodge website - I just took this one upon myself because i enjoy doing it and no one else had the time or experience to make a decent web site. The Susquehanna Cache Corps - This was made for our local Geocaching Group, again I jsut decided to do this also because my wife and myself are co-founders of this group, it only seemed logical that we should do the website. And of course my personal family webpage Cusick4Cache.com, which is also related to Geocaching and my web design business.


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